Embrace Living Communities Celebrates 125 Years of Service

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This year marks the 125th anniversary of Embrace Living Communities. It’s a special milestone for the Oakbrook, Illinois based organization as they reflect on their history of service and dedication to providing quality, affordable housing to almost 3,000 seniors and individuals with physical challenges in 34 communities across Illinois, Missouri and Florida.


In honor of this anniversary, Embrace Living Communities is launching a campaign to celebrate the stories of residents impacted by their services over the years. The campaign will recognize those who help to facilitate those services, including several churches that various communities have partnered with over the years. 


Stories will include ways Embrace Living Communities employees have encouraged residents to give back to their communities each and every day through service opportunities, both facilitated by the organization and the residents themselves. 


Published stories will also highlight the ways nearby United Church of Christ churches have joined in the spirit of service by providing volunteer opportunities for residents and congregations serving at communities in need of support. Stories will be shared on Embrace Living Communities’ social media channels and website.


Executive Vice President, Susan Sinderson, says, “Embrace Living Communities was established to love others in our community and has remained vibrant because we are resolute for justice. The pursuit of justice for our residents is what drives our work daily. We are excited to highlight that throughout our campaign in various ways, and we invite our many friends to join us as our stories unfold.” 


Embrace Living Communities is affiliated with the United Church of Christ as a member of the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries (CHHSM). The 125th Anniversary campaign falls in conjunction with the United Church of Christ’s recent development of its vision statement, “A Just World For All.” Sinderson explains, “It was important to connect our message with that of the National Church. Together, I believe we can create communities, even beyond those we serve in three states, centered on love and equity.”


For more information about Embrace Living Communities, contact Kyle Schnurbusch at kschnurbusch@orgstory.org.