Employee Stories

With over 130 + Embrace Living Communities employees, we celebrate achievements, milestones and so much more every day.

Here are some of the employee stories that make us celebrate!


"Residents come to us because we not only try to give them the solutions, but we try to be a listening ear. Whatever it is, whatever the situation or problem may be, we're there to help them."

Judy Peterson

As a Social Service Coordinator at GreenCastle of Morgan Park & Beverly and Orchard Place of Morgan park & Beverly, Judy’s main responsibility is to advocate for residents. She spends her time providing services and resources to the residents and their families. She works with community partners to bring important information and services to both communities that can enhance each residents’ independence..

Judy also enjoys simply being a person that residents can come to for a discussion. She has spent over 20 years in social service, working with homeless, at-risk populations and elderly, so she understands a lot of situations and feels confident when listening to and helping residents.

Gary Adams

"Everyday is a new opportunity to enrich the lives of the residents. That is a rewarding thing."

Gary Adams

Gary calls Apostles Village in Brandon, Florida his home community, but he is responsible for overseeing all four communities in Northwest Florida. He is a long time employee at Embrace Living Communities and started his career at the corporate office in Oak Brook, Illinois. It’s Embrace Living Communities employees’ passion for the work that has kept Gary inspired and engaged in his role.

During his career, Gary has worked tirelessly to bring new services and opportunities to the residents he serves. He has also emphasized establishing lasting relationships with nonprofits, churches and other community organizations to enhance the lives of residents in various ways – from nutritious cooking in their home to volunteer opportunities in the community.

Staff Susan

"We've lasted 121 years because we have a real ability to listen to the needs of the people we serve. We're always anticipating, looking at the population, anticipating needs. "

Susan Sinderson

Susan is our Executive Vice President. She began at Embrace Living Communities in the 1980s as a social worker. Since then, the organization has gone through several changes. From updated programming to new people, she has experienced a lot of change in her 35 years. But, Susan is proud that the original 13 founders’ principle cornerstone for this organization, the focus of Christ’s love and its call to serve others, still remains.

If you told Susan three decades ago she would still be at the organization, she would’ve laughed and given you a “okay.” However, she is still here, and it is the daily work with residents and co-workers that drives her to press on. Everyday (truly) is a joy for Susan.

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